Chesapeake Search Dogs

An all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Dedicated to ensuring professionally trained canine search teams are available at no charge to local/state/federal law enforcement or other government agencies to search for lost or missing persons.
Chesapeake Bay Region and Southern Pennsylvania 24/7/365

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Help Us Help Others

Chesapeake Search Dogs relies upon contributions from individuals, businesses, groups and organizations.

K-9 Search Services

For Law Enforcement and Government Agencies Only If you are a local/state/federal law enforcement or government agency and would like to request our K-9 search services, call our Dispatch Number: 410-602-3151.
This number is for law enforcement and government agency use only.

Join Our Team

Chesapeake Search Dogs is always in need of dedicated team members, including dog handlers, mission support, administrative support, veterinarians and veterinary technicians.  More Info

How We Work

Chesapeake Search Dogs is called upon by our government partners day or night in all kinds of weather to assist with locating the lost and the missing.  Our resources deploy to help the agency with a wide variety of tasks that includes base-station communications, logistics, planning, ground search and of course canines.

The members of CSD are grateful to all those that came before us.  Our founding members, life members, and mentors from our past are what made us the team we are today.  We are especially grateful for the wonderful dogs that are no longer with us.