How We Work

Working with Chesapeake Search Dogs couldn’t be easier.  We provide law enforcement and government agencies with the specific resources that they request.

Mission Support

From the time that we get a call from an agency, our Mission Support team is immediately on the job.  Depending on the requirements of the specific event, our team can arrive on-scene with a full command trailer equipped with computers, radios, and a generator allowing the requesting agency to focus on managing the search.  During events in which our full equipment is not needed, the Mission Support group is sent out with high-power portable radio units and antennas that can run on battery or grid power.  No matter the equipment needs, the Mission Support group is there to assist the requesting agency with running communications, briefing and debriefing teams, or assisting with the logistics of a search.

Canine Handlers

A fairly self-explanatory element of our operational team, the canine handlers deploy with their partners to assist with the search.  Our handlers and dogs have various specialties and are called for various reasons.  The canine handler is the leader of the field team that deploys on a search.  They get assigned a task, a sector, and a team of flankers to accomplish the goal of searching the entirety of the assigned area.  The handlers work out a specific strategy that is based on the terrain, weather, and specific instructions provided by the search management team.


One of the most-misunderstood roles in Search and Rescue is that of a flanker.  Often referred to as a ground searcher, the flankers with Chesapeake Search Dogs are specifically trained to allow the handler to focus on their dog.  Flankers with CSD are highly-trained navigators and utilize expertise in terrain features, topo maps, and GPS to guide team through the assigned area.  Our flankers further handle communications, keeping time, marking of clues, and of course keeping a sharp-eye out for our subject or signs of the subject.

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