Adam Walworth & Torie

Adam Walworth joined the team in 2014 and is currently an operational Flanker and operational K9 Handler.  Adam has been involved in Search and Rescue since 2010 with Maryland Natural Resources Police as a Reserve Officer.  He holds the NRP Search Team Member certification and assists with the instruction of that course. He also holds a NASAR Canine SARTECH III Area Search certification and a NASAR SARTECH II certification for which he is also an evaluator.  Adam is a General Class Amateur Radio operator.

Torie is a Border Collie mix that her previous handler, Ann Hughes, found during a training exercise in the woods near her home.  When she was found, Torie was five months old and severely starved.  After recovering for eight months, Torie began training with the team, and became certified as an Operational Air Scent K9 with Chesapeake Search Dogs at the age of two.  In the spring of 2016, Torie successfully re-certified through NASAR’s Canine SARTECH III Area Search certification and became operational with Adam.  In 2017 Torie and Adam achieved the Advanced Air Scent certification.