Mackenzie McCarthy & Fenris

Mackenzie McCarthy is a registered veterinary technician who joined Chesapeake Search Dogs in 2014, is an Operational Flanker holding a SARTECH II certification, and is currently in training as a K9 Handler with Fenris.  Mackenzie and her husband, Tom, share a home with 2 dogs; Leonidas and Fenris, 3 cats; Banzai, Tiberius and Claudius, bearded dragon named Spike and a lot of fish. When not working or training, Mackenzie enjoys gardening, swimming, camping, hiking, kayaking and old movies.

Fenrisulfr “Fenris” is a Giant Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer & Standard Poodle) who was accepted into the Chesapeake Search Dog Puppy Program in 2015 at 4 months old.  Fenris is currently in training as an Air Scent K-9. Fenris’s favorite things are his woobas,  hiking with Mackenzie and Tom, annoying his “big brother” Leo and giving his family kisses.